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At Water by Seth Fluker published by Hassla Books

At Water

Published by Hassla

$25 CAD (plus shipping)

“At Water” is a new collection of landscape photographs by Seth Fluker depicting water in its many moods and textures across Canada and Japan.

8 x 10 inches
24 pages
300 copies
ISBN 978-1-940881-53-9

Antenne Books, EU/UK Distributor
Arcana: Book on the Arts, Culver City
Art Metropole, Toronto
CCA Bookstore, Montreal
Karma, New York
Neighbour, Vancouver
Photo-Eye, Santa Fe
Printed Matter, New York
The Photographers' Gallery, London
The PhotoBook Lab, Toronto
Trés Bien, Sweden
Village, Leeds

Before Things Change by Seth Fluker

Before Things Change

Published by Schnauzer / Self-published

$20 CAD (plus shipping)

“Before Things Change” contains fourteen colour photographs of a sink that I glared down at daily while working as a kitchen porter at Whole Foods Market in Soho. Each picture slowly evolved and quickly disappeared while washing grimy kitchen utensils and disposing of food waste.

7.5 x 9.5 inches
28 pages
500 copies
ISBN 978-0-9813947-0-1

MoMA, New York
Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University, New Haven
Tate Britain, London